Horse Box Logo


Nelson is bursting at the seams with craft beer, and there is no shortage of local beer fans eager to run the kegs dry. The beer crowd isn't afraid to try something experimental either, and they do in droves at the plentitude of festivals, crawls and craft pubs in the region.

The growing appetite for craft beer has provided brewers with an opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs, growing businesses from their passion, which is a rare privilage.

Horse Box brewery joined the fray 2015. They introduced themselves with confidence, releasing a rich, creamy and intense milk stout called Black Stallion into the wild. Their beers continue to fly off the shelves, and they show no signs of slowing down.

How did Horse Box set themselves apart in a region stacked with talent? Delicious brews and a unique visual identity for their brand. They knew they had to stand out in a sea of beer label eye candy. With a great logo, a strong identity, and a charismatic brewer at the helm, Horse Box is charging ahead of the competition.

Check out their brews on the Horse Box Website. You can also find their beers on tap at local Nelson pubs like The Freehouse, Rhythm & Brown and East Street.