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A logo appears to be a simple object, but it plays a mighty role in your business. Logos do a number of critical things. They evoke feelings about your business, and this can be a good or bad thing, depending on the design.

A well designed logo conveys the quality and feel of your business, and tells a story in a single glance. Not easy to do. A great example of this is the Johnnie Walker re-redesign. The new logo is more illustrative and conveys the high-end artisanal brand of the product better. The name is also easier to read and looks more elegant. The feel is heritage, quality and elegance.

Johnnie Walker Logo Example

Business owners will sometimes design their own logos, but this usually proves to be a stressful and time consuming exercise. As a business owner, it is so difficult to stand back and get a clear picture of something that you are deeply invested in, and then translate that into a single emblem that represents the nuances of your business identity. There are lots of ways for this to go wrong when you are too deeply invested, even for major brands, like this famous Pepsi fail:

Pepsi Logo Fail

Why Hiring a Professional Designer Is Worth It

Hiring a professional designer to design a logo for you is well worth it. If you quantify your time and its value to your business, having a logo designed for you means your energy can be re-directed to much more valuable areas of growing your business. Or you could use the time to take a nap.

DIY Logomakers Spell Trouble

Cheap logomaker tools online are a quick way to sabotage your brand altogether. These tools don’t care about your story, they don’t know your business, and they won’t convey anything but a generic identity to your customers. A lot of people use these, which is good for you, because it means that if you are willing to invest in a well designed logo, you will stand out. This frightening thing will not help you do that:

Gross Generic Logo

Your Story Deserves to be Told

You have poured your blood, sweat and tears into your business, and likely sacrificed more than anyone knows. It takes huge bravery to run a business, and there is always an interesting story behind it. This is definitely something you can use to your advantage in your logo. A well designed logo that tells your amazing story will trigger a visceral response in people and they will want to engage with you.

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