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You may not want to hear this, but yes, you need a website. I know, it’s another huge item to add to an already massive to-do list for your business. But trust me, it’s worth it. You can eliminate the headache for yourself by hiring someone to do the technical and design work for you. More importantly, people will be able to find you online and you can start selling to them.

Sure, you can get customers through word of mouth, networking, or newspaper advertisements. But we’re talking about connecting with as many people as possible, right?

Here are four reasons why a website is vital for your business:

People Search Online First

Gone are the days of walking down main street and scanning the shops. When people are looking for something, they google it first. Whatever appears on those pages are the options they consider. They can’t look for something that doesn’t present itself online. That is why it is so important you have a website that people can search for. You don’t even exist without it.

A Website Legitimises Your Business

Think about when you search for something you need online. You come across a multitude of businesses that have listed themselves in different ways. Some have websites and social media, some only have a facebook page, and some only have a directory listing with a phone number. Now think about the ones that you gravitate to the most. They likely have a nice website that communicates that they are a professional and legitimate business.

As you consumer, you have the luxury of choice, and so do your customers. A website gives them the information they need to determine if your product is real and worth buying.

Good Design Builds Trust

I know, DIY website makers are tempting because they are cheap. But they are extremely limited in what they can do, and won’t grow with your business. Having a real human get to know you and your business goals intimately, and design a site that helps you achieve those goals is worth the investment.

A well designed site that is easy to navigate conveys an important message to your customers. It tells them that they can trust you, and engaging with you will be a great experience for them. It also means Google will love you and list your site on search results, which means more visibility and reach for your business.

Beautiful Design Converts Sales

You could have a website that contains all of your business information and appears on Google search results, but if it’s ugly, you are losing customers. How good your website looks may seem like a low priority, but this is your first impression, and it counts. Your customers have little else to base their decision on, and they’re comparing you to several other sites offering similar products. An ugly website is like showing up to a cocktail party in a burlap sack. You are definitely going to stand out for the wrong reasons.

A beautiful site attracts people, gets them excited about you, and keeps you on their mind.

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